The Co-operative movement of the officers of State Bank of India in Bengal Circle was launched in the year 1973 in the banner of State Bank of India Officers' Co-operative Credit Society Ltd. After some years the necessity of creating another Co-operative Society was envisaged in the background of some organisational as well as historical factors. Consequently, another Co-operative Society in the name of Bharatiya State Bank Adhikarik Samabaya Samity Ltd. was born in 1983. Both the societies were running simultanously till 1990. As per the long cherished desire of the members of our beloved organisation, "State Bank of India Officers' Multistate Co-operative Credit Society Ltd.", was taken over by Bharatiya State Bank Adhikarik Samabaya Samity Ltd. This epoch making decision of the members has ushered the Co-operative movement into a new era rejuvenating the facades as well as the interiors of the Society. The Society was renamed as "State Bank of India Officers' Association Multi-state Co-operative Credit Society Limited" and increased its activities manifold. The accounting system of the Society has been made fully computerised. Apart from giving financial credit the welfare activities engulfed wide area. we have the vision to make it wider.